derilab subscription form - Client Profile

This subscription gives access to the subscriber-only part of the website, including to the following features:
• derilab’s sophisticated search engine.
• Recently issued products list.
• Issuers contact details.

The subscritpion is personal and non-transferable.

The following prices apply
(per annum, per account and excluding tax):
• 1 to 10 accounts: CHF 2,800.-
• 11 to 20 accounts: CHF 2,600.-
• 21 accounts and more: CHF 2,300.-

Country of domicile

In order to comply with legal requirements, you are required to indicate your country of domicile:

For other types of subscriptions (company-wide, white labelling, etc.), please contact us at

Please complete the following steps:
  • fill out the form online
  • print it out
  • sign it
  • and send it to:
      derilab s.a.
      P.O. Box 256
      CH-1274 Signy-Centre
  • or fax it to:
    • derilab s.a. at
      +41 (0)22 362 98 06