The Company

Active since January 2006, derilab s.a. is a privately owned Swiss company headquartered in Signy, near Geneva .


The founders of derilab combine many years experience in their respective field of expertise: financial derivative & structured products and financial IT. The company is fully independent from issuing banks.

The Idea

The derivative & structured products world, characterized by a wide and colourful variety of product names, has turned into a product jungle. Faced with the ever-increasing difficulty of finding adequate information in this communication chaos, derilab's founders set out to ease the pain and its consequences:

  • Low visibility in the secondary market and
  • Lack of overview of the complete product offering.

The Mission

derilab's mission is to develop and run a subscription-based portal with detailed information on all derivative & structured products issued, including the original product termsheet. At its core lies a simple yet powerful search engine allowing for fast and efficient searches.

The Goal

derilab's goal is to support its customers in identifying the best-suited product for their needs.

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